1. Kérastase Hair & Scalp Diagnostic Camera

    Split ends and dyed hair - especially in the winter need extra TLC and a new addition to the salon makes this hair care a whole lot easier. Enter the new Kérastase Hair & Scalp Diagnostic Camera. The newest in Leicester!

    In a nutshell it’s a tiny digital camera that when put against your head, takes an image - which then uses advanced technology to identify scalp health, hair shine and any damage (with the option of comparing it to photos of a healthy version.)  It’s an eye opener for anyone who’s ever wondered what the state of their hair really is!

    It gives an accurate picture of what damage you have on your hair and scalp, whether that’s oiliness, hairloss, or irritation or damage or erosion on the mid to end lengths – so we can then recommend the exact products and Kérastase treatments which will be best for nursing your hair back to full health. 

    Our trained Kérastase experts are on hand in all the salons to use this brand new technology.

    -          Sam and Jade @ Anstey http://barrie.tomatoproject.co.uk/salons/anstey

    -          Grace @ Ashby http://barrie.tomatoproject.co.uk/salons/ashby

    -Raj and Kelly @ King Street http://barrie.tomatoproject.co.uk/salons/leicester

    -          Nicole and Carly @ Narborough http://barrie.tomatoproject.co.uk/salons/narborough

    The best thing is that once you’ve had your personalised treatment in the salon, thanks to the hair and scalp diagnosis, we then take another picture and can show you the immediate results. So it’s well worth it. With just a click you can find out the perfect products for your hair!